We are hosting a Virtual Health Fair this Tuesday, November 24th.
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Join Exercise Your Faith along with Iberia Comprehensive Community Health Center located at 806 Jeffererson Terrace in New Iberia, LA for FREE Drive Thru COVID-19 Testing on this Friday, November 20th

Call 227-365-4945 for more info!
On November 14th and December 12th, Exercise Your Faith, along with our partner churches will be hosting Save Our Souls Sundays! SOS Sundays will provide churches across the state information about protecting and defending yourself and your family against COVID-19. More information is available at exerciseyourfaith.org

Zoom in for a discussion about COVID in the church. This Thursday Nov.4th!

Dr. Maurice Sholas speaks to young adults about the importance of protecting their families from COVID-19 spreading, based on their comings and goings.

Remember young people, just because you might not feel sick or show symptoms of COVID-19 infection, you can spread it to your loved ones, especially the elders.

Their bodies aren't as healthy as yours, and it could have a tragic effect. Be smart and Exercise Your Faith! Learn more at exerciseyourfaith.org.
Dr. Maurice Sholas, reminding us all to protect our families and be aware of your movement. COVID-19 affects us all differently. Don't be spreader, especially to your loved ones! More information available at exerciseyourfaith.org.
Dr. Maurice Sholas is speaking to Baby Boomers and those middle ages people that have young adult children, possibly grandchildren, and also maybe take care of their elderly parents and or relatives: Respect the many ways COVID-19 can affect your family, and practice caution and prevention at every turn! Be safe and be smart! Learn more at exerciseyourfaith.org.
Dr. Pamela Saulsberry encourage everyone to visit exerciseyourfaith.org and learn how you can take better care of yourself and your family in the fight against COVID-19!

Judge Rachael Johnson in New Orleans

EYF New Orleans Regional Lead Telley Madina getting the news out about Exercise Your Faith!

Dr. Arnel Casey of Kingsley House reminds everyone to mask up and Exercise Your Faith!

Pastor Fred Luter
Franklin Avenue Baptist Church encouraging everyone to Exercise Your Faith and mask up!!

Exercise Your Faith Tari Bradford

EYF - Lafayette Regional Leader Terry Landry, Jr.

Styling and Profling Barbershop in Monroe.

Exercise Your Faith outreach in Northeast LA Region with Regional Lead Dr. Pamela Saulsberry!

Exercise Your Faith doing outreach at Coaches Cut Barber Salon in Monroe, LA!

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